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Program Outline


Consumers will visit the library in their community and participate in various literacy programs that are tailored to meet their skill level.

Creative Design

Gives participants a chance to be expressive and create new and exciting crafts.

Self- Esteem

Clients are able to participate in activities to build motivation, self- esteem/ respect which help them display a more positive out- look on life or social issues. they experience.

Scrap Booking

Over the time spent at the program, participants will be collecting items, taking pictures and gathering information from all the events they participated in over the year.


Participants are taught to save their money in "Save Me Bags" each week. They will be learning coin and bill recognition, simple addition and subtraction skills, counting skills, mock shopping and more...


Promotes healthy living and participants are able to exercise and do various stretches to a new video each week.

Communication/ Social/ Life skills

Various communication, social and life skills will be taught using visual aids and activities. Participants will develop and enhance their skills through verbal activities and community outings.

Volunteer Opportunity

Gives the participants the opportunity to experience and develop new skills in a community setting, group setting or independently..

Science & Nature

Participants are able to learn, create and explore their world through nature and various science experiments. They will learn about creation, inventions and life cycle

Vocational Training

Participants will develop and learn skills to cook, wash dishes, do laundry, household chores, packing, wrapping, sorting and more...

Hygiene & Wellness

Gives the participants a chance to practice and learn about hygiene and proper grooming.

Fitness Tracker

The participants are able to go on walks in the community while they track their steps, explore and exercise.


Gives the participant a chance to learn how to use a computer, create a e-mail address, and access various things in their community by using the internet.


The participant has the opportunity to learn how to use a camera and take pictures that will be developed for professional use in scrap-booking for the center and on our website.


Participants are able to visit community pools and splash pads for leisure activity and exercise.

Employment Readiness Skills

Participants have the opportunity to learn how to prepare a resume, discuss job opportunities, practice interview skill and search for a job or volunteer placement.

 Journaling (Literacy)

A variety of skills are learned and developed through various activities to help the participants learn to read, write, comprehend and recognize new words. (Abilities according to skill level)

Office Skills

Helps participants in resume writing , computer knowledge, and teaches them how to use a fax machine, scanner, the internet, and answering the phones.


Many of our participants like to be stimulated or may be over stimulated by sound, touch, taste, smell, or even visually, this gives them a chance to relax and helps calm feelings of anxiety.


Participants are able to learn how to cook and prepare simple healthy meals using the Canadian Food Guide.

Bus Training 

Participants are able to learn different bus routes in their community. For instance, their way to and from the program. This class will enhance their independent skills, knowledge and community awareness.

Home Economics

Participants are able to learn new task usually done in the home, such as laundry, proper dish washing and sewing. They will also learn safety tips around using a stove, microwave, busing alone 

Virtual Programming

Participants are able  to join us virtually to engage in fun online programming.

Community Integration

Participants are able to explore their community, go on trips, excursions and visit historical sites. Example: Fire Station, Thompson Memorial, Zoo, The Aquarium and more... .


Programs are tailored to meet consumers changing needs and developmental milestones.

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