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The support and services we provided are unique in that they are strictly tailored to the individuals needs and skill level and change according to the developmental of the individual.


We offer a 1:6 ratio, to be able to support our participants changing needs and provide a variety of different activities where participants have the opportunity to develop, learn achieve and implement new skills.


Our services are not only for the individuals we support but also for their families. We provide counselling to families who are in need of support to better assist their child/ loved ones changing needs.


We strive for change and advocate for all our participants through community integration and the implementation of vocational skills through volunteer placements in their community. 


Counselling Services


Feeling Stressed ?


Feelings of Anxiety ?


Need to talk regarding the development of your child or loved one?


No where to turn? Turn to us, we can help.


Receive counselling from our social work team. Get helpful tips and strategies on how to cope with family dynamics, your child's growing and developmental needs and the stressors of everyday life.


Drop-In/ Day Respite

This service is scheduled by appointment only!!! Individuals must have already registered with our program.


Our Drop-In / Day Respite provides a chance for parents to leave their child or loved one for a few hours during the day.


The participants will take part in the regular scheduled Day Program activities happening while they are in attendance.


They will be involved in various recreational and structured activities. (Please see the Program Outline for a list of programs offered at the centre.)

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