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How We Are "Helping New Seeds Grow"

I am Thankful Everyday for the management and staff of Sunflower Developmental Services. I am so pleased with the services that are provided to my son on a daily bases. I am very confident that he is being given the proper tools that he needs in order to function to the best of his ability. He looks forward to going everyday and he enjoys the activities provided.

Orgea R. Attending since  May 2015

Wendy  A.

Attending since Sept.  2017

" The program has offered my brother a safe haven, where he can be himself and laugh among new friends and develop relationships and feel part of a community"

Asama N.

Attending since March 2015

My son has been going to Sunflower Developmental Services for the last 2 1/2 years years. I have observed a lot of positive changes in him whether, it's his behavior or his academics.

Sparkle P.

Attending since May 2017

My daughter enjoys going to SDS and looks forward to doing activities that interest her. My daughter is always excited to go on outings and loves the staff. She always stops by the office to greet the staff before heading to her program. 

Yogarajah S,

Attending since  Nov. 2015

Sunflower Developmental Services has provided many opportunities for my son  that have engaged, enhanced and helped him improve in his communication and life skills. My son is always eager to learn and going to Sunflower has helped him manage his behavior.

Vivian S.

Attending since Nov. 2013

A chance for my daughter to be with other people, learn from them and a chance for me to have time to myself.

Nagwa M.

Attending since Sept. 2017

My son just started this program, I like the center, the staff members are very nice and well experienced. So I am satisfied with the way the program addresses my child behavior and I fell comfortable to leave my son at Sunflower Centre.

Tracy B.

Attending since Sept 2017

The staff is warm an non- judgmental, make my son feel comfortable and able to work and addresses social short comings, that are otherwise forgotten.

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