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What is "Yellow Shirt Day"?

It is a day to celebrate, recognize & bring awareness to the continuous work of the “ Support Workers” in the “ Developmental sector”

As the Director, & Founder of a special needs program for the last 10 years, I get to see firsthand, especially when our program was private, the lack of funding, support, appreciation, and recognition for what we do in our community.

On September 9, 2022 I started “Yellow Shirt Day” to gain, Recognition, Appreciation & Support for all workers in the “Developmental Sector “, for their continuous dedication, commitment, patience, endurance & empathy they have

for individuals with special needs.

Their willingness to provide vital daily structure & programming, with the implementation of Life & Social skills that

empower individuals with special needs, to learn, & develop skills

so they too, can enjoy the best “Quality of Life “.

Show your support and put on your “ Yellow Shirt” ANNUALLY on September 9.

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